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Caló Kitchen & Tequila

El Segundo, CA

Caló Kitchen & Tequila is located in an eclectic strip mall on Rosecrans Boulevard in El Segundo. Southern California Restaurant Design Group designed the two-story restaurant from the ground up. The kitchen space is small and in order to utilize every square inch we design wall to wall equipment starting from the walk-in cooler, to the dish wash area, and leading into the first of two prep areas. Across from the two prep areas is a small prep cooking line up with the ice machine and mop sink/janitor area.  Tuning 90 degrees to the front of the restaurant, we come to our second prep space which is followed by the beverage and salsa areas. We designed the main kitchen to be extremely efficient as well as to separate the cooking areas. Located in front of the main cook line is a boutique bar section with beer and wine neighboring a granite bar top for elegant seating and tastings.

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