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CdM Restaurant

Corona Del Mar, CA

CdM Restaurant was an exciting new project for a new client with multiple restaurants in Corona Del Mar. Our first challenge was to come up with a strategy for reusing existing equipment to reduce the cost of building the new restaurant. We presented our client’s with a complete inventory of what could be reused and serviced, as well as what needed to be removed. This helped the client save over $20,000 in construction costs. We also worked very closely with the chef to ensure that the kitchen could be built within budget while providing equipment the chef required to make the restaurant run properly.

Southern California Restaurant Design Group worked with the architect and general contractor to adjust equipment and design to meet the existing building challenges that arose from specification errors. We were able to adjust all of the equipment necessary to complete the project without increasing construction costs. This was achieved by using both custom and buyout equipment to fit as the chef required. The entire installation process resulted in complete satisfaction from the chef and owner.