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Hollywood Burger

Los Angeles, CA

The first Hollywood Burger restaurant in the United States opened in 2015 on the ground floor of the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA.

The design for the Hollywood Burger proved challenging from the beginning as it was to be located in the ground floor retail space of a high rise building. Southern California Restaurant Design Group had worked on the restaurant that previously held the location and as a result was hired for our additional insight and knowledge of the space.

There were many challenges in trying to make the existing framework of the old restaurant work with the vision of Hollywood Burger. There was no gas in the building and as a high output restaurant, Hollywood Burger needed electric equipment that had a high enough recovery time to keep up with service demands. Through our extensive relationships with suppliers, we were able to get high recovery electric equipment that fit in the space. Being a high rise building and nestled in a ground floor retail space, there was also no easy way to exhaust out of the building. Through some creative planning, we were able to get the duct work in place to properly vent and pass health inspections.

Our experience and creativity set us apart. We are able to identify and think through challenges that might otherwise derail a restaurant project. Not only did we maintain the Hollywood Burger vision, we were able to save them money by creatively using the space and layout that already existed.