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The Inn at Mattei’s Tavern

Los Olivos, CA

A generations old destination, made famous by cult classic Sideways, The Inn at Mattei’s Tavern dates back to 1886, when a Swiss immigrant named Felix Mattei built the tavern as the primary stagecoach stop between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Always a community hub, the 19th-century water tower still serves as a landmark. Southern California Restaurant Design Group got involved with this project with a goal of reducing the overall cost of the kitchen and bar while still maintaining top quality equipment. Leaning on their relationships, SCRDG was able to source equipment and adjust the design to fit the project’s budget. After a Covid-related pause, in 2022 SCRDG resumed work, being diligent to maintain the historical building’s structure and finishes. In addition to The Tavern, SCRDG was excited to support the property’s three new venues. The Barn is a full catering kitchen with an employee lounge in the basement. The Shed is an outdoor pool bar with full food service. And Gin’s Tap Bar is an outdoor space for dining and private events featuring a brass 14-faucet beer tap showcasing local beers.